torsdag 18 maj 2017


Release with the same recordings as the US "Beats - The Merseyside Sound" (see earlier post). Probably one of the most scolded period albums, but to my ears not that bad and certainly not the worst. The band an ad-hoc combo put together by Pye producer Bill Shepherd to cash in on the then world-conquering Mersey sound. It wouldn't be too hazardous guessing Bill Shepherd himself was Billy Pepper, but the rest of the members remain unindentified. There have been theories John Cale or Lou Reed (both tied to Pickwick at the time), or Pete Best might have been involved. Or that the band actually was Dean Ford & The Gaylords (later Marmalade), here working under different name as they already had contract with EMI. If any of that was true, or it could be tied to some other latter day celebrity, it would certainly be considered a lot more interesting, but even without any such connection it's still not bad garage pop and collectible as that. As it seems most of the tracks each captured in one take without further additions or embellishments, sounding like something you could get from some kids on the block playing the local youth center at the time. Backing is appropriately tight and especially the drumming works fine. Though group name can make believe it's a singer with backing it seems vocals are shared, sometimes simultaniously, and they almost always hit the notes. Audio surprisingly good - direct with a live feeling. Maybe not the most beautiful sign of those times, but nonetheless charming with lots of period atmosphere. First UK had structured label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover. (ÖGÄ*) (PÖY*)

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