tisdag 16 maj 2017


US seven piece combo founded in Memphis Tenessee 1963. After playing local dances, winning talent competitions and collecting a large local following the band got national exposure through a contract with MGM. 1965 they had a hit with "Keep On Dancing" (a cover of a 1963 Avants recording), reaching #4 on Billboard and also figuring on lists in Europe and Asia, but that was about it. Though with a couple more singles lower on the US charts, performances in TV-shows and a movie - "It's A Bikini World" - the heat was off and they are today mostly remebered as a one-hit-wonder. Since disbanding 1967 they have later re-shaped a number of times under the same name with various settings and still existing in some form. Whatever the reception was for this debute album at the time, today by a modern genre distribution it's gotta be tagged as genuine garage rock. Tons of energy, rattling guitars, hard working drummer, lots of organ, a fair share of false notes and as it seems recorded live in the studio with an allowing producer. A mix of covers and self-penned, seven rockers and five ballads. But regardless of tempo it's all in the same style - direct and sometimes almost sounding like rehersals. Honest uncensored garage filled with feeling and good will. Favorite tracks - "Brown Paper Sack", "Don't send Me No Flowers" and "Keep On Dancing". Originally released in US, Canada and Germany (MGM 655 056). Japan 1989 vinyl mono reissue on Polydor (2OMM 0438). 1995 CD on Collectables label (COL-CD-5622) came with two bonus tracks. Premiere US had label as shown here and glossy cover. (YZÄ*) (ÖGÄ*) (ÖXCÅ*)

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