tisdag 23 maj 2017


Continuing my reaquainting with the band's early efforts. For more on my relation to them check post on the "Autumn '66" album. To my ears that had two magical moments - "Somebody Help Me" and "When I Come Home" - both penned by Jamaican artist Jackie Edwards (1938-92), with the rest being well produced and soothing but not that exciting. At first listen the best track here too is another Edwards composition - "Keep On Running". But in comparison, as this comes out somewhat more primitive with a part garage feeling, it sounds better to me. Less adjusted and more down to earth allowing contact rather than being hit with a prefabricated product. And there are a couple of more highlights to enjoy - cover of Leadbelly's "Take This Hammer" is very catchy and "Georgia On My Mind", though not reaching up to Ray Charles version, carrying a surprising amount of feeling for such a young voice. Still listening and perusing, but so far this has become a happy reunion. Very confused about the label. It's obviously Swedish and so am I, but all domestic issues I've seen so far was on Sonet and this is new to me. As it's the same label design as Swedish version of the 1968 "The Best Of The Spencer Davies Group Featuring Stevie Winwood" I guess it must have been pressed about then and for a short time only (Swedish Island changed design at the same time as UK). Audio here has more bass and treble than mid-register, but if you don't listen too close it's totally ok. Premiere UK on Fontana (TL 9285). This came with same numbering and top-opening sleeve as the Sonet issue. (ÖSÄP*) (TXÄW*)

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