tisdag 2 maj 2017


A band's second album is where they can prove themselves - either by raising the bar after an unimpressive first or matching a good debute. It would have been hard to equal "Music In A Doll's House" (see earlier posts) and this doesn't. As the story goes - while the band was touring in US after recordings were made, manager John Gilbert mixed and issued the album by himself without consulting any of the members. The band did not approve of the result and Gilbert got sacked. Further Jim King quit due to drug problems and Ric Grech left for Blind Faith later same year, so this became the last effort from the band's original setting. Don't know if to blame the manager's self-indulgent handeling, or the band taking a new course I don't get, but though I've tried it just doesn't work for me all the way. Side A starts with three tophole tracks - "The Weavers Answer", "Observations From A Hill and "Hung Up Down" - not standing back to anything on MIADH. After that the album slowly dies before my ears, getting blander with not so many special moments. Disappointed back then and in a way still is, yet those three tracks are so good to me they alone make it worth while. It did well in Britain at #6, but no charting in US. First US on Reprise (RS 6340). Also originally released downunder and in a couple European countries. European 2003 CD on Pucka (PUC 702). A couple of 1st press UK sleeves came with mono number and stereo sticker though I've never seen or heard of a mono copy. Maybe originally planned as a double issue, but Gilbert on his own decided stereo was enough. Early UK had label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover with large poster (missing here). (FÄXI*)

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