söndag 28 maj 2017


An album that didn't get much love on release and though including the UK #1 single "Go Now" not charting on any major lists. But after the band changed its agenda and became one of the most popular and big selling acts of the late sixties into the seventies the issue slowly became a collectors item and still today changing hands for big bucks. After reaquainting and spinning it for some days now I have a hard time believing those prices are in any way related to the musical quality. This is not the signature Moody Blues of later years - experimental, yet melodic and very touching. Recorded by the band's "Mark I" setting - before Clint Warwick and Denny Laine quit and were replaced by John Lodge and Dustin Hayward - it's no more than an average UK sixties pop album. A mix of self-penned and covers performed in a way that can make one believe reverence before American originals and role models were more important than personal expression. Well played, sung and produced, though rather tame in comparison to many other UK or US acts in the same box at the time. That said - it has a couple of moments I truly enjoy. The cover of "Bye Bye Birdie" do have the right energy. The self-penned "The Story" brings some cheeky guitars. "I'll Go Crazy" is handeled in a good way and "Go Now" always works if you're in that mood. But that's about it for me. A keeper it is and a must for any zealot fan, but more proper ride than mind blowing trip. 1965 releases in Europe and Australia. Japan 2006 CD (Air Mail Archive AIRAC-1228) came with seven bonus tracks. US version (London LL 3428/PS 428) omitted "Something You Got", "I Don't Mind", "Stop" and "Thank You Baby" and replaced them with "And My Baby's Gone", "It's Easy Child", "I Don't Wanna Go On Without You" and "From The Bottom Of My Heart". Premiere UK had ridged label as shown here and laminated cover. (MBÅL*)

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