tisdag 30 maj 2017


By far the weirdest LP released as part of the Swedish prog scene in the seventies. From a band so ineptly out-there they were booed off stage or even thrown out during concerts. An exemple mentioned on rear sleeve - their first drum solo happened after the public at a club cut the electricity to stop them from playing. But they soldiered on into the studio and it's clear nothing was done to embellish the appearance at the recordings for this one-off. Performance sounds like a couple of tone deaf friends winding down after a long night of binge drinking - filled with muddy trials sung by dabbling vocals to untuned instruments. Lyrically an unholy mix of uncensured genital rock and left-wing social engagements. From "Bara Du" (eng. Only You) - a tale about one of the members picking up a girl and having intercourse in a telephone booth - to empathy for squatters and the working class in general. Most of the tracks comes out as country ballads, some with Dylanish taint. The only up-tempo rocker "Ändlöst Med Sprut" (eng. Bottomless Squirt) - an uncredited cover of Chuck Berry's "Bye, Bye Johnny" - is about a guy having diarrhea in Afghanistan. Dirty rock on all levels. For "Djävulens Patrask" (eng. The Devil's Rabble") they borrowed the melody from Dylan's "Harmony Row" without permission. However Dylan's label Columbia didn't like the lyrics and refused to approve retroactively so this first press LP was withdrawn and second issue got a melody written by the band to the same words. Not sure why the version wasn't approved, but it probably had to do with the last verse describing an older woman on the bed pleasing herself with a device. As a whole garage in its purest form - they're not trying to be bad, but not aspiring to be good either, just doing their thing without caring the least about result, reception or sales. I reckon most people would call it ugly, but I love it just because it's there and it makes me smile. Favorite track - "Stockholm City". Released in Sweden only. Second issue with the re-worked "Djävulens Patrask" came on blue label. To my knowledge never issued on CD. First had label as shown here, heavy vinyl and thin matt cover. (SCÄ*) (ÖGÄ*) (CCÖ*) (ÄXÅH*)(NÅY*)

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