fredag 12 maj 2017


Swedish vocalist, born Peter Sjöholm 1947. Later days probably most recognized as the playboy who was married to Joan Collins in the eighties and also worked as her manager and producer, followed by an ugly divorce where media were used by both parts to get the best out of it. Less known is he also had a prosperous singing carreer from the late sixties way into the seventies, then outside the anglo-saxon world with healthy sales in France, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain, parts of Asia and behind the iron curtain. After a couple of years in the Stockholm band New Generation with one domestic hit - a cover of "Two Faces Have I" - he went solo, moved to France and got a contract with Riviera label. From then on most of his recordings were done in French, but some of the songs also got alternative versions with him doing Spanish, Italian, English or Swedish vocals. Mainly identified with his most popular song "Monia", therefore today often considered a "one-hit-wonder". The album as a whole comes out a little too languishing for my blood, but I do get an abundance of high-pitch vocals to well arranged backing with fine audio so...why not? If you're into romantic Euro-pop, chansons or male falsetto in general it will deliver, but if you crave music that'll claw your mind and take you to dangerous places it wont. Favorite tracks - "Two Faces Have I" and "Blue Moon" uses the same New Generation mono takes as the A and B-sides of the Swedish 1967 hit single so those are given...and of course "Monia". Released in France only. Vinyl reissue on Barclay 1978 (95.035). To my knowledge never issued on CD. First had label as shown here, thick unflexible vinyl and laminated flip/back cover. (SCÄ*) (MFÄX*) (GZÅ*) (MÖRS*)

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