fredag 4 september 2015


One of those relatively early compilations containing cuts I remember hearing on the radio when I was a kid in the fifties and in this case, since Ellington was one of my dad's big idols, also played a lot on our old 78 rpm grammophone. The one's on here are among his earliest recordings, made just before or in the first years of the legendary Cotton Club in Harlem, New York. Showing the early development from a jazz combo part of the twenties music scene to what would later be the leading US big band for over four decades. What strikes me when listening today is how powerful it is, even this early rather experimental - at least for its time - and very emotional. The melodies goes right to my heart, from the 1927 take "What Can A Poor Fellow Do" to the late 1930 title track "Rockin' In Rythm" - nowadys one of his best known and a jazz standard. My favorites are the vocal cuts - here sung by Irwing Mills (Diga Diga Doo) and Sid Garry (I Can't Realise You Love Me), maybe because those are the ones I remember most from my childhood. Transferred directly from wax to vinyl with remaining warmth and atmosphere. Some of the recordings may be considered subpar against today's standard, but that's how it was long time ago so that's how I want it right now. To my knowledge this compilation was UK only. First had label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover. (PÖP*) (CLÄZ*) (PÖX*) (GCÖ*)

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