måndag 7 september 2015


Compilation of twelve single cuts - six A's and six B's - recorded between 1968-71. Lots of goodies here for the collector and lover of the band's prime days who want it all on early vinly and like me don't have time or cash enough to get the original 45's. First four cuts side one are from the "Mark I" years including the previously non-LP A-side "Emmaretta" (here original mono). Following two - "Hallelujah" and "April Part 1" - first "Mark II" issue with the former previously non-LP and the latter having the '45 edit. Side two are all from the band's second incarnation. "Black Night" also originally '45 only but had showed up on other 33 rpm collections prior to this. "I'm Alone" - flip side to "Strange Kind Of Woman" - as far as I know also first time on LP. So far so good but to me the real sensation is the alternate "Speed King" take. For some reason (mistake?) they didn't include any of the common album or '45 edits, instead using an earlier demo version. Still "hard rock", but not as pushy with other vocal and guitar patterns and also including piano. That alone would make this worth while, but together with all the other gems it should be a must for Purple collectors who wants it analog close to the source. Premiere UK on Harvest Heritage (SHSM 2026). Issued and reissued in Europe and downunder on vinyl and CD through the years, but as far as I know never in US. This Bulgarian licenced release was made from UK tapes and has about the same audio. It exists with various label designs. Don't know how the one shown here fits, but guess it's pretty early. It came in a thin matt "UK design" sleeve with added domestic logos. (PÖP*) (BÅC*) (DHÄ*)

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