onsdag 2 september 2015


Swedish combo active with about the same core for fifitythree years, still touring and releasing big sellers. Started as a rock band 1962. Their 1963 debute album "Guns Of Bofors", issued in the beginning of the Beatles boom, didn't follow the then common Merseybeat lead but relied on nine guitar instrumentals and and five vocal rock tracks fifties/early sixties style. It didn't sell a lot and for this follow up they'd started adjusting to the more gentle domestic market. The rock'n'roll part had shrunk to five cuts - where of two instrumentals - all uptempo versions of older schagers. The rest dance friendly pop, a style they remained with from then on which has kept them high on the lists till this day with more than sixty charting singles. So this can bee seen as some kind of transition album having both regular rock and softer dance band music. Since all vocals are in Swedish I guess it's mostly attractive to Scandinavian collectors, but may also do it for other devoted fans of the international sixties rock scene. Reasons I like it are the all over positive and sometimes funny atmosphere, the warm flowing organ and the stunning audio. Pressed in Germany for the Swedish market. To my knowledge never reissued in any form, but you can find some of the recordings on various compilations. First had label as shown here and thin matt cover. (SCÄ*) (GÖXÄ*) (CCÖ*)

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