måndag 31 augusti 2015


Lately I've had three McCartney/Wings compilations - "All The Best!", "Wingspan" and this. The other two a lot more comprehensive - ATB having seventeen tracks and Wingspan forty - both remastered with very clean audio. Still this twelve track is the only one I keep returning to and truly enjoy. One reason is I want retrospective collections to be as early and thus as close to the originals as possible...and this was first. Another is the authenticity - all cuts here are the original analog mixes, the audio is stunning and to my ears a lot warmer and more connective than any digital conversion. And I do get four songs for the first time on LP - "Hi Hi Hi", "Another Day", "Juniors Farm" and "Mull Of Kintyre plus "Live And Let Die" earlier only on the soundtrack album. He had enough material for a double album and I wish he'd done that, but it's too late now so I'm settling with what it is. First US on Capitol (SOO-11905). Premiere UK had label as shown here and glossy cover with picture inner and poster. (BÄ*) (PÖP*) (PÖX*)(MÄCC*)

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  1. This LP change my life. This was first rock album I've ever heard when I was kid (maybe 5-years old). My father bought it and I discovered this music when he listening to it. I like McCartney's music of seventies.

    1. Hi! Nice to hear from You again.

      Yes it is a top album. Good songs and excellent audio. I can understand why it changed the life of a five year old.

    2. Juniors Farm is top rock song! When I was kid my favourite songs was 'Another Day', 'Live And Let Die', 'With A Little Luck' and 'Uncle Albert' ;)

  2. I agree with all those and "Another Day" has always been one of my McCartney favorite songs.