onsdag 19 augusti 2015


For more on the band check post on their debute LP. This sixteen track EMI compilation was presented as a kind of single collection, which it was in a way since most of the tracks had been released on '45, but more important it contains all eight cuts from their actual debute - the 1980 cassette "Your Cassette Pet" (WOW 1) together with the 1980 cassette single A+B "C 30, C 60, C 90 Go"/"Sun Sea And Piracy" - here for the first time on 33 rpm. There's also an A-side recorded for Markthalle cultural center in Hamburg - "Mile High Club" - and a couple of other previous non-LP tracks - part by courtesy of RCA who owned the rights some of the songs. I like their musical fashion blending post modern, african drums and fifties guitar style. Even though most of their songs sounded about the same through the years the style was so odd they remain as novelties. The very young singer Annabella Lwin handling sexual subjects has been seen as some kind of pop pedophilia and may leave a bad taste, but the lyrics aren't very clear and much drowned by the music anyway, so it's not disturbing if you don't look for it. US and Canadian on Harvest (SK-12234) as twelve track, omitting "I Want Candy", "Cowboy", "Bow Wow Wow", and "C 30, C 60, C 90 Anda! (Spanish version)". Premiere UK had label as shown here and thin glossy cover. (PÖP*) (FÄV*)

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