lördag 15 augusti 2015


One of many sixties and seventies Beatles collections released with same tracking and package, or just small variations, in almost every part of the world except UK and US. In this case probably unreleased there not to clash with the large number of boxes and other compilations planned or issued in those countries same period. What I get through this is the earliest version of a #1 compilation, idea later reused on the US/UK "20 Greatest Hits" and the 2000 "1" CD. Here not so much reflecting US/UK sales, but also including list topping A-sides in other places, some not even issued on single in America or Britain. Still it's the same takes as spread on many other records and only novelty is the track list, so why bother? "She Loves You" is rechanneled and the rest true stereo. As on most Beatles records the audio is a-ok and this cover rather lush, but the thing that makes it special to me is the '45 "organ" cut of "Let It Be", one that can be hard to find on 33 rpm. As I'm trying to get all Beatles original single cuts on reasonably early LP that makes it a keeper. First Swedish had label as shown here and cover with embossed golden fonts on front. (BÄ*) (CCÖ*)

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