onsdag 5 augusti 2015


Big selling compilation at the time and though all cuts on it have shown up numbers of subsequent LP and CD collections I still see it as a necessary complement to my Yes collection. You get the former B-side to the 1970 "Sweet Dreams" single - "Dear Father" - for the first time on LP and also the full length killer cover version of Simon & Garfunkel's "America", earlier only released on the 1972 "New Age Of Atlantic" sampler and as a 4.12 US single edit. That is the only cut including Steve Howe and Rick Wakeman, the rest is by the band's first setting with Peter Banks on guitar and Tony Kaye on keyboards. Apart from the B-side two tracks from the debute and four from "Time And A Word". Listening to those songs from the pre-Howe and pre-synth days it's obvious the band's special idiom that later would lead to world wide success was there already from the start. The songwriting, Jon Anderson's vocals and Chris Squire's melodic bass set the mode early and Peter Banks does not stand back to Steve Howe. Tony Kaye has a less prominent role than later Wakeman, but not less important. In all very good listening with top audio. If you're one of those who got deep into the group first with "Yes Album" or later this may be an ear opener and reason to look beyond. Premiere UK had label as shown here, matt cover and stiff pic/info inner. (JÄZ*)

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