lördag 22 augusti 2015


One of many period Rolling Stones collections, of which some were part of internationally common issues and others domestic only. This was originally German with an unusual track choice. Side one has three songs from "Between The Buttons" and three from "Aftermath" - both albums previously issued in Germany not long before this. Side two contains four cuts from their debute and two earlier part of the German only "Around And Around" LP, still re-pressed and sold at the time for this. Side one are all common stereo takes while side two is mono, sometimes sounding slightly enhanced but with remaining original mixes. So when it comes to rare tracks or odd versions there's nothing special here. Still worth having because of the very good audio, especially on side two, and the exclusive front cover pic. Also released in Switzerland and Holland. German 1975 re-issue on Decca Nova. First press had label as shown here and fully laminated cover. (RÅ*) (GÖXÄ*)

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