onsdag 26 augusti 2015


This is the one of his Apple albums I've had hardest to connect to through the years. At release high on lists all over the world and hailed by many critics as a worthy follow-up to "All Things Must Pass". I don't think it is. That was seminal in a way, combining heavy production with well written songs and filled with catchy moments as well as uncommon ideas. In comparison this is rather ordinarily produced pop melodies with few hooks and the lyrics far more private - most of them dealing with his struggle for personal enlightment by hinduist strategies. I don't mind religious lyrics in general, but this gets too personal for me. Not that I think it's bad, just to my taste not up there with ATMP, "Extra Texture" or "Dark Horse". Good guitars and vocals though, top audio and I love the plush package. Issued world wide on vinyl, 8-track, cassette and CD through the years. First US on Apple (SMAS-3410). Premiere UK had custom labels as shown here, thick heavily laminated fold/out cover, picture/lyric sheet and brown inner. (BÄ*) (ÄPLÄ*)

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