fredag 14 augusti 2015


Record containing parts from a short lived London West End musical about the life of British singer and comedian Marie Lloyd (1870-1922), known for her rude and cheeky songs and called "Queen of the Music Hall". Performed by Barbara Windsor and Dennis Quilley among others, but what makes it interesting to me is the production and participation of BeeGee Maurice Gibb as Lloyds husband Bernard Dillon. While the band had temporarily broke up with Robin launching a solo carrer and Barry concentrating on the "Cucumber Castle" endeavor, Maurice took a chance to perform at the theater by part handeling and coact in a classic style musical. However this is nothing like BeeGees, a lot more "My Fair Lady" than "Odessa" and the only similarity I can find are the elaborate string arrangements and the superb audio. Maurice Gibb does three of the songs, two in duet with Barbara Windsor and backing crew - "We've Been And Gone And Done It" and "Waiting For The Royal Train" - and one solo - "Leave Me Here To Linger With The Lady". Far from the BeeGees' vocal idiom his voice sounds much more mature and expressive here and can be hard to recognize . May do it for die-hard band fans and musical lovers in general. Record produced by Maurice Gibb in arrangement with Robert Stigwood. To my knowledge this British was the only vinyl release. Reissued on CD-R 2003. First had label as shown here and thin glossy cover. (BÅXÅ*)

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