fredag 28 augusti 2015


Very odd 1970 sampler from budget label Ember, larger part consisting of cuts now almost entirely unknown from acts long forgotten. After hardly keeping up with the more successful UK labels in the sixties it seems they were trying to get ahead in the new decade by signing a large number of artists, refused or neglected by other companies, hoping to get at least a few breakthroughs. Album topped by tracks from three then at least semi-famous names - Desmond Dekker & The Aces, Blonde On Blonde, and Julie Rogers - probably meant as tractors for the venture, but the rest is unmapped least for me. Checking the further destinies for most of the acts involved you might say it was a brave project that failed. The Polly Niles and Alan Lake songs remained sampler only tracks, Davey Payne and Good Ship Lollipop issued one single each and that was it, London Jazz Chamber Group had a one-off album, Lee Lynch sold a few copies in Belgium and Portugal and if you add a couple of B-sides or EP tracks from flunking '45:s - that's it. Most of the tracks are covers, not reaching up to the originals but still nicely performed, produced and providing good listening. And that goes for the whole album - decent pop, nothing outstanding but very well done. Best tracks are the ones from the more well-known Desmond Dekker, Blonde On Blonde and Julie Rogers, but non of the rest is bad and if you're like me and enjoy digging for oddities and "unknown" obscure acts it's a must. Reissued as an extented twentyone track CD 2009 - "Rainy Day Mind (Ember Pop 1969-74)" on Fantastic Voyage (FVCD020). First had structured label as shown here and thin matt cover. (SÄM*) (FÄV*)

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