måndag 24 augusti 2015


Her first solo album after Stone The Crows split due to band guitarist Leslie Harvey's accidental death on stage from electrocution 1972. The group's manager Peter Grant had remained with her since and now oversaw she got to record in Atlantic studios New York with producer Jerry Wexler. I've always seen this as sibling album to "Dusty In Memphis". Five years apart, but the likeness is there. British female vocalist going to America, recording in an Atlantic studio with label crew and using the same producer - Jerry Wexler. And while Dusty Springfield appears as the older sister, coming through soft and mature, Maggie Bell in comparison sounds like the cheeky lil sis, faster and more unbridled. "Dusty In Memphis" is today considered a soul/r&b classic while this has wind up in the backwater. Seems unfair to me. Dusty is a lot cooler and Bell's intensity can be challenging, but they're both great vocalists backed and produced by the best in the genre. Same high level just different moods. All tracks are favorites, but I especially like her cover of "After Midnight" - not standing back to Clapton's version or the J.J. Cale original. She also puts a lot of power in Ringo Starr's "Oh My My" and turns it from a charming pop bagatelle to heavy soul. Good listening all through. First US on Atlantic (SD 7293). Premiere UK had label as shown here and matt slightly structured cover. (FÄV*)

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