måndag 10 augusti 2015


Ringo had been a country fan since early Beatles years and after meeting Nashville producer Peter Drake during the making of George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass" they agreed to work together on his next LP. The recordings took place in Nashville where Drake had put together a country & western dream team for the event, many with Elvis connection - apart from PD himself on steel guitar the crew included drummer D.J. Fontana, The Jordanaires, Charlie McCoy, Jerry Reed and Jerry Kennedy with addition of Scotty Moore handling the engineering. Among other prominent names were Charlie Daniels (Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen), Roy Huskey Jr. (Johnny Cash, Chet Atkins) and multi-instrumentalist Ben Keith. All twelve songs written directly for the issue. The recordings were "Nashville style" - hard work around the clock, far from the laid-back Beatles sessions Ringo was used to and the album was completed in less than three days. Never been a big country fan myself but when it's this good I just enjoy. Written and played by some of the best in the business and Ringo's vocals nailing country style, where personality and emotion always go before beauty. The mix, balance and audio are perfect bringing lots of presence. Tophole listening all through. Favorite track - the duet with Jeannie Kendall in "I Wouldn't Have You Any Other Way". Appreciated by some critics at the time, but failed big sales - only reaching #65 on Billboard and not charting at all in UK. First US on Apple (SMAS-3368). Issued as mono in Brazil and Argentina. Had them both and can guarantee very well sounding folds. Premiere UK had label as shown here and fully laminated fold/out cover. (BÄ*) (ÄPLÄ*) (RYNX*)

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