fredag 7 augusti 2015


Continuing the recent post on their debute with more on the different UK and US agendas and one song in particular. The band released eleven albums in America from June 1965 to January 1968, but only five in Britain (not counting the illusive export pressings). From January 1965 to April 1966 they had nine consecutive top ten 45:s on Billboard whereof five not even released as singles in UK. The British still held on to the EP, a format already abandoned in the US so pretty much everything they recorded could be found on LP there. For exemple - "Leaning On A Lamp Post" got to #9 on Billboard, but wasn't issued for the UK market until the 1971 "The Most Of Herman's Hermits" and then as a stereo version. It's a cover of a 1937 George Formby hit and has remained one of my favorites with the band. Though with more distinct tempo changes and different background it's so faithful to the original I get a flash-back from my kid years - hearing George Formby on the radio and movie matinees. So even if I have all other tracks on this album it's worth keeping just to get the original mono mix of that particular number with best possible audio. UK 1967 export press (Columbia SCXC 32) in stereo only. First US had label as shown here, thick glossy cover and a "signed" giant face poster of Peter Noone. (ÖXCÅ*) (YZÄ*) (HÄHX*)

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