fredag 21 augusti 2015

BUDDAH IN MIND 2349008 (-70) UK

I could never resist a good sixties or seventies sampler. Even if not exactly my songs it's something extra to get hits and/or rarities from my earlier more perceptible years - to listen, reminisce and maybe rediscover. Like this UK collection with cuts originally from Kama Sutra, Red Bird and Buddah labels. Some long time favorites - Loving Spoonful "Jug Band Music" and "Summer In The City, Lemon Pipers "Green Tamburine" and tracks by Johnny Winter; Melanie and Captain Beefheart. Others I never heard or barely remember from back then - by Shangri-Las, Tokens, Five Stairsteps, Moe Hoffman and Curtis Mayfield. And even though the track genres differ between psych, soul, pop and rock it's all coosen and presented with the same nice atmosphere, like a candy box where all sweets are covered in the same layer of chocolate, but having different fillings. Not a record I'd pick for close listening, but a lovely background and mood setter. First had label as shown here and laminated fold/out cover with a "99p" price sticker on front. (SÄM*)

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