lördag 8 augusti 2015


Hungarian rock opera/musical building on a short novel by Tibor Déry. A translation of the title would be - "An Imaginary Report On An American Rock Festival". Plot partly inspired by the happenings at Altamont deals with an Hungarian defective couple - József and Eszter - visiting the "Montana Rock Festival" where lots of bad things happens. Most dramatic events are when a black guy is stabbed to death by Hells Angels, Eszter is lured into taking drugs which eventually leaves her dying whereafter József is stabbed by her dealer, but survives. As I get it the whole story is plagued by death and drugs, functioning as a warning for the American life style with the drugged crowd being compared to a former Hungarian nazi party - Arrow Cross. It became an instant success both domestically and in other eastern European countries, through the years reworked and performed as theater, radio play and in various concerts. An American version was prepared, but not possible to preform during the early Reagan years so it didn't premiere there until 1986 in Albany, New York. Musically it has been compared with "Hair", "Porgy and Bess" and even "West Side Story". No much into musical theater myself so I can't judge from that angle. As I understand the songs here are samples from the show, recorded especially for this issue. Five rock numbers - performed or backed by Hungary's then most prominent rock band Locomotive GT - and the rest pop style ballads, some with female vocals. Since I don't get the lyrics and most of the melodies don't stand by themselves I can't connect 100%. The split "Ringasd El Magad" pt.I/pt.II works best for me with its heavy rock feeling and good guitars at the end. 1995 reissue on vinyl and cassette by Gong label (MK 16579) and 1992 CD on Hungaroton (HCD 37659). There's also been a number of remakes and updates through the years. First press had label as shown here, thick unflexible vinyl and thin fully laminated cover. (BÅC*) (FÄV*) (RÖKÖ*)

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