lördag 1 augusti 2015

THE BEST OF STEVE MILLER 1968-73 E-ST 24058 (-77) UK

Compilation with cuts from his first five years. Not to be confused with the 14 track LP/ 19 track CD "The Best Of The Steve Miller Band" issued 1990 or a couple of others with similar names. This one was originally issued in UK and Australia and the first with cuts reaching as far as the 1973 "Joker". Title track from that and the former non-LP B-side "Shu Ba Da Du Ma Ma Ma" are 1973, the remaining ten from 1968-70. So it can be seen as just another collection of early Steve Miller cuts. But even though I miss "Little Girl" from Your Saving Grace it happens to have most of my favorites from those years - like "Space Cowboy", "Don't Let Nobody Turn You Around" and "Celebration Song". Together with tophole pressing, good audio and nice packaging enough to make it a keeper for me. 1982 UK reissues on Fame label (FA 3030) and 1986 on Capitol (EMS 1191). First press had label as shown here, thin matt cover with embossed photo frame on front and stiff pic/info inner.

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