onsdag 9 september 2015


After Cream disbanded 1968 a large number of albums containing hits, odd tracks and/or previously unreleased cuts were issued with domestic variations the following years all over the world. This is an early Japanese version. Track list is specific to the issue though without any especially unique or rare cuts - all from their first three LP:s, also including "Wrapping Paper". The audio is very good, though to my ears not the giant improvement Nippon pressings sometimes could offer back then. Softer than UK and good listening, but not life changing. I do love the package - the thick clossy sleeve with psych pics on front and back, the fonts and the six pages with pics, lyrics (English) and info (Japenese) inside fold/out. Also initially with an "obi", sadly missing on this copy. So good listening in an elaborate and exclusive sleeve - sure enough to make it a keeper. (CÄRÄ*) (ÄZÄ*)

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