fredag 25 september 2015


Another from the UK Harvest Heritage serie, responsible for 50+ LP reissues, collections and samplers with EMI cuts from 1975 well into the eighties. A chance to get rare albums and/or previous 45 only tracks with original mixes and remaining sound quality without paying a fortune. As with this from Barclay James Harvest's first years 1969-73 - containing both sides of the band's non-LP single "Rock And Roll Woman"/"The Joker" and most of the rest from albums already deleted by the time this was released. They had an impressive width these early years - going from orchestrated ballads and psych pop to heavy blues - so diverse it's like hearing different bands. All high quality production with some very good guitars. If I have to choose favorites - the rockers "Good Life Child", "Rock And Roll Woman" and the psych/pop ballad "Poor Wages". But the rest is pretty good too and the audio evenly inviting so I see no need to jump tracks. Also released in a couple of other Europes countries with same tracking, label and sleeve design. To my knowledge never reissued on CD. First UK had label as shown here and thin matt cover. (HÄVL*)

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