onsdag 30 september 2015

JOHN CALE/PARIS 1919 K 44239 (-73) UK

After a couple of experimental and "trial and error" solo LP:s on this it's like he'd finally come home. By far his most accessible, apart from one raw rocker all numbers are ballads or light pop with lots of beautiful and catchy moments, showing the story teller and great songwriter. Melodic with introspective lyrics it's cool and thoughtful, different from Velvet Underground or his subsequent more rocking period. Had this album to and from through the years and even when the vinyl's not there the songs are and I keep most of them in memory. Especially the title track, "Graham Greene" and "Child's Christmas In Wales". Found one more copy a while ago and this time it's a keeper. Even though it wont be played as much nowadays it's like reaquainting with an old reliable friend. He wont surprise you anymore but can make you feel happy and comfortable. Premiere US on Reprise (MS 2131). First UK had label as shown here, thin matt cover and lyric insert. (CÄLX*)

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