fredag 18 september 2015


Swedish combo started as a rock band 1956, but through the sixties and on more and more transforming as a dance band which eventually made them a domestic name and big record seller with a large number of hits. Still active today with singer Sven-Erik Magnusson as only original member. This has to be the oddest of all albums they've released so far. Presented as "live", recorded at Baldakinen, Stockholm, but the public noise is clearly added and the cuts have a studio feeling. All tracks but two are instrumental - "Po Rom Pom Po'n" has the title line repeated and "Ricardo" some "tra-la-la". Since the vocals were a big part of their act I wonder if it originally was aimed for export, but their English too bad to be revealed, or maybe the thought was for home dancing or singalong. Anyway it is very well played, part uptempo with raw saxophone leads and part ballads with nice organ interludes and the audio a-ok. A little too anonymous for my taste, but it's always nice to hear Beatles covers played different than the originals - in this case "A Hard Days Night" and "I Wanna Be Your Man" much like fifties rockers with prominent brass. Released in mono only. To my knowledge never reissued on vinyl or CD. First had label as shown here, thin fully laminated cover and EMI ad inner. (SCÄ*) (LYBÖ*) (CCÖ*)

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