lördag 12 september 2015


The independent label MNW (Music Net Waxholm), situated in the Stockholm suburb Waxholm, started late sixties as a socialist/communtist alternative to the capitalist record industry. The initial idea was to let amateurs and about everyone who wanted to make a record give it a try - only proviso was the songs and music had to be from and for the working people and pro social changes if possible. Through the years they eventually got more commercial with a wider undertaking, but this sampler is from their first "red" years. Side two has four cuts from Swedish bands with revolutionary agendas and may only do it for domestic fans and collectors. Side one however has six tracks from MNW albums originally aimed for an international market that didn't make it and now very rare. Opening track is by Swedish band Contact, but most of all a product by exiling US producer Kim Fowley who co-wrote, arranged, produced and contributed to the performance - country style with English vocals. Second track from a Kim Fowley solo album - with lyrics on American society and politics as they were. Third by Atacama - a Chilean folk group. Fourth by Swedish garage hard rock band Scorpion (not to be confused with German "Scorpions") and their one off LP "We Are Scorpion", also co-written and produced by Fowley - hard core with lots of psych guitars. Fifth cut from former Sorrows vocalist Don Fardon's MNW LP, recorded prior to his world wide hit "Indian Reservation". Side concluded by a twenties style instrumental from British trad jazz band New Temperance Seven. So one of the more incoherent samplers, but totally reflecting the times and logic for us who were there. Favorite track - Scorpion "Hey Girl, I'm Ugly". https://youtu.be/tMH7Il9jADQ . Released in Sweden only and never re-issued in any form, though a couple of the cuts showed up on the 2009 4xCD collection "Ljud Från Waxholm 1969-2009" (MNWBOK 1). First had labels as shown here and thin matt cover. (SÄM*) (SCÄ*) (SWÄU*) (CCÖ*) (NÅY*)

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