onsdag 16 september 2015


Have to admit up to a while ago my only aquantances with French music had been classics like Piaf, Aznavour, Greco, Trenet and assorted novelties by Serge Gainsbourg and his girls. For some reason I never got into French sixties rock and psych...that is till I bought this Polnareff "Gold Record of Gold Records" and found out how good it can be. He has been called "the great French pop genius" and I get that now, but can't believe it took me over forty years. Didn't know anything about him before and got nothing to add on the Wikipedia article, so if you want facts on the artist - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michel_Polnareff . This record is a compilation of A and B sides from two 1969 singles and eight EP tracks recorded between 1966-68. Track order does not follow time of release, instead they put the slow languishing ballads on side one and the pop/rock/psych numbers on side two. Seems like a good disposition. If you love slow, heavily orchestrated ballads go for the A side and if you're like me and prefer good late sixties pop-psych just turn it around and get stuck. Catchy melodies, superb arrangements including both supporting rock setting, strings, brass and background vocals as well as psych interludes and occational whims. He also has a pleasant voice and is no stranger to the higher notes. Very entertaining nailing me to the listening chair - not a dull moment. Also issued on Barclay in Belgium (920178). German release as "The Million Sellers Of Michel Polnareff" 1970 - Metronome (MPL 15.357). First French had label as shown here and laminated flip/back cover. (MFÄX*) (GZÅ*)

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