onsdag 23 september 2015


For more on the album check post on the UK original. That's a-ok if you want premiere release on a collectible label, Roger Alexander cover art or the "hand written" lyrics/band pic insert. Still if you go for best possible audio - this is the one. UK Harvest issue and a couple of others I've heard seems to suffer from the same compressed, flattened audio. That could be seen as deliberate, adding to the all over odd impression, but I guess a mistake since the bad separation actually drowns some of the instruments and the glossy surface makes it harder to connect. At least that's what I get listening to this US press, coming through bigger, wider and a lot more revealing. It's clear Wood went for rawest possible result, among other things using "ring modulation" to get a harsh distorted sound. That in combination with well written melodies in a fifties rock'n'roll style, spiked by psych interludes, makes this album one of a kind and probably the cheekiest from the period. The UK press shows that from a distance, but here you're invited in to take part. It's a rocky trip and not always pleasant, but worth every second. US first had label as shown here and matt fold/out cover. (RÖWS*) (YZÄ*)

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