onsdag 18 april 2012


Their absolutely best. Concept album dealing with British everyday life through a bunch of killer songs. Topped the UK charts for several weeks. Although it's a great LP I'm having problem with the audio on this mono. It comes through way too loud at parts wich makes it less enjoyable. It could be a mono mix, but listening to both originals I can't distinguish any big differences. Almost get the impression the mono is somekind of fold or some parts of the stereo are enhanced mono (can't sort it out). Any thoughts about this? First UK with label as shown here and round f/o cover. (Addition *April 21st 2015* - after finding an early press stereo and comparing I stand corrected. This mono is a separate mix! For more check new post on the stereo http://monolover.blogspot.se/2015/04/small-facesogdens-nut-gone-flake-imsp.html ) (YDÄ*)(YMÖ*)(SXÅH*)

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  1. Not very likely, since they reissued the mono separately with the stereo mix on the 2005 3CD.

  2. I'm not saying the stereo is fake, but using the mono as ground mix was still rather common for UK recordings in -67 and -68. Two known exemples are the "Procol Harum" and "Move" debutes. And CD issues can be hazardous. There are exemples of fold-downs presented as separate mixes or even re-mixed digital versions told to be originals. One exemple of the latter is a late nineties CD double issue of "Odessey and Oracle" where the stereo is totally re-mixed while the mono is the same as vinyl version.